Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What next?

After finishing my toile the next thing to do is make the final garment.  So what next?  The first thing that I have done is to create the pattern for my cape from my toile.  You can see this below.
 When this pattern was created the next thing that I had to do was buy my fabric, I have only been able to purchase the fabric from abakhan so far as I have to order the others from London.  I was able to get the fabric for my cape and the main body of the dress.

The next thing that I had to decide was the was that I wanted the fabric to run on the main body of my dress.  this is because the the fabric I am using has a slight texture within the grain.

This picture shows the fabric with the texture running vertically.
 This picture shows the texture running horizontally.
 I decided to have the texture running horizontally as I feel that this compliments the pin-tucks at the side.  When I had decided this I cut out the pattern ready for when I get my fabric from London.

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