Saturday, 7 May 2011

Making and Adapting my Toile

After creating my dress patterns that you may have read about in my previous post I spent Thursday creating my toile and making a few adaptations that will make it exactly how I want it to be. One problem that I came across after putting my toile together was the size, it was slightly bigger than it should have been. After a short while trying to figure out why I found out that I had added seam allowance to the center front fold line so this was why it was too big; I corrected this by sewing a section of the front panel together to take away the extra material. This means that there is a seam down the middle which there wont be on the final garment.

After correcting the mistake I went on to making the dress more fitted in certain areas. I did this by pinning the seams where I had attached the front panels together until the fabric lay flat and fitted the body how I wanted it to. I then
I then stitched down these newly drawn lines and placed back on the mannequin to see how it fitted. When I found that it fitted correctly I amended my patterns.
Another part of my toile that I amended was the shape of the back, I did this because I felt that the previous shape was quite harsh so I made it look softer and more feminine.
After cutting it down and making sure that it looked how I wanted it to, I adapted my patterns.
The next change that I made was to add a slit to the back so that It was easier to get on and off, again I adapted my patterns to allow for this.

This is my toile so far.

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