Thursday, 26 May 2011

Finishing the first side of my Pin-Tucks

A you may have seen in the previous post that I made I had finally managed to insert the pin-tucks onto the side panel after solving the problems that I had.  The next step was to finish inserting the pleats and sewing them in, so that is what I have done today.

After completing the pin-tucks at the bottom of the panel I was final ready to start sewing each one down.  I had to sew a line of stitching underneath each pin-tuck to attach the fabric to thease so that they wouldn't move when the dress is being worn.

 When these had all been done the next step was to secure them to the base fabric at the edges this is so I can remove the pins and know that they will stay secure until I attach all the dress panels together.

 Once I had done this I had to cut away the extra fabric that was hanging over the base and overlock all the edges to stop freying.

The next step is to repeat the whole process on the other side.

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