Thursday, 19 May 2011

Continuing with my Collar Piece/Cape

After inserting the french seams to the top and the sides, their was the gap that I had to leave so that I could turn the piece back the correct way after sewing the seams.  This meant that I had to find a way to close the gap; I could use a row of top stitching to do this but as I am aiming my garment at the couture market I decided that I would close this gap using invisible stitches so that they cant be seen from the outside but hold the gap together.

 After I had closed the gap using invisible stitches I had to pleat the top so that it would create the feature around the neck.
 I completed one half and when starting to pleat the second half I realized that the pleats on the other side were smaller when following the fold lines on my patterns, so I decided that I would insert these pleats by eye so that they would look equal.
When I had finally inserted all the pleats and made sure that there was an equal amount on both sides I put it on the mannequin so that I could see how it fell around the shoulders.

 When I did this I noticed that one side was longer than the other so I had to take out all the pleats that I had put in and unpick part of the seams that I put in and then re-sew the seam and cut the piece down so that it was equal in length to the other side.

The next step will be to re-pleat the top again.