Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Next Japanese Project.

As you may have read previously I have been looking into different pattern cutting techniques, I tried one pattern from a Japanese pattern book which helped me to learn different way to put a garment together. I have started another project out of the same series of books this time it was to create a skirt with a hole in it that lead into a tube of fabric.

This is the patterning part of this project.

This shows the panel with the hole and the tube which will be inserted into the skirt to create the final patterns.
This is the front and back pictures of the basic skirt. It shows the shape that I have gone for with lots of fabric and an asymmetric hem line.

Next I had to cut the hole into the skirt do tat the panel could be inserted.
This is where I have inserted the panel with the tube into the hole that I cut into the skirt.
After I inserted the panel with the tube I drew on my new design lines which will create the new sections for my patterns.

I will post the pictures of the finished skirt when I have them.

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  1. I love that pocket so much, origami on my mind.