Monday, 23 May 2011

Finishing my Collar Piece/Cape

As you may have seen in my previous post I have inserted the pleats into my collar piece and now the next step is to create and attach the fastening which will also secure the pleats.  I could either choose between the fabric that I had used for the rest of the collar piece or the fabric which I have used for the main body of the dress.

 After looking at the effect of both these options I decided on using the fabric that I have used for the main body of the dress as I like the effect that is created by the addition of this fabric and the link that it creates between the collar piece and the dress.

After deciding on this fabric I had to create the bias binding strip that would be used to hold the pleats in place and fasten the collar piece at the front.  One problem that I came across when sewing the bias binding strip was that I was finding it hard to sew close to the edge (shown below).
 After unpicking the previous line I tried again and managed to get closer to the edge and create the piece that I wanted.
 Now that the piece was final finished I could attach it to the pleated collar piece which went successfully and held the pleats in place.

The collar piece is now finished and I can focus on my main dress.  I will post a picture of this on the mannequin soon, what do you think?

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