Monday, 16 May 2011

A day with a Stylist

Today in college we were fortunate enough to have a stylist come in an talk to us about her job, experiences and what it takes to be a stylist.  The stylist was Jemma Sawyer.  She talked to us about how she has got to where she is today and the tasks that she has faced, I found this really interesting and I was intrigued by some of the situations and people that she has worked with.  After we had had this discussion and seen her presentation she put us in pairs and set us a brief; the brief was different for each pair but we all had to pitch it to the group as if they were our client.  I was with Siri who is also on my course and our brief was to style Kate Middleton for a shop opening.  We had to think of everything from her make-up, her hair, to to her clothes and accessories.

This is the moodboard that we came up with:

I feel that we have been able to show Kate Middleton's style well and were able to show her natural hair and make-up with her classic, elegant style.  We also only looked at British designers as we know that Kate like to buy into British brands to show her support of our country's brands.

As we finished early we had another element thrown at us, this was to style her another look which was for the evening after the shop opening. 

This is what we came up with:

I think that we have represented her style again and I am happy with the outcomes that we produced.

I feel that today has shown me the being a stylist takes a lot more than people imagine and has made me more aware of what it takes if I was to decide to go down this route.

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  1. I think Kate's choice of the Alexander McQueen to be her wedding dress designer was perfect, because the brand is the epitome of the British fashion. Love her engagement Issa dress too! ;) X