Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sampling for my Side Pieces

As you most probably are aware by now I have been sampling the difficult areas of my design for the end of year fashion show. This time I have been sampling the side detail that I have included in my design. For this I tried multiple samples to create different effects.

For the first sample I tried to create texture by creating a scrunched effect with the fabric. I like how this sample looks and the texture it creates looks effective.

The second sample that I tried was where I create three loops with the fabric I thought that this created a more structured effect.

For my third sample I created 4 loops of equal size which gave the piece more volume but kept the structure.

For my final sample I took inspiration from the detailing on the back of Kate Middleton's wedding dress. It has create a nice effect but I don't think that it is as strong as the others

Now the only problem is deciding which one I prefer.

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