Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Final Stages

In my previous posts I have been showing you my process throughout making my toile.  Finally we have arrived at the final stages.  As you may have read in my previous post I have just finished my pin-tucks, now the next step was to attach the side piece.  So this is  the first thing that I did today.  

For my first attempt I tried to create the side piece with Calico, this didn't work as the fabric was too heavy and wouldn't drape and hold like it wanted it to.  So I attempted to create the side piece with a lighter fabric and thankfully this worked.  Below you can see the effect that I have created with my side piece and the drama and structure that it adds to my dress.

When creating this side piece on my final garment I will cut the bottom.  I am doing this on the final garment and not the toile as I don't know how tall my model will be and I want these pieces to touch the floor.
 The next step was to create my collar piece.  I slightly changed this from my sampling as I wanted to make a feature of the way the it held around the waist.  To do this I moved the bias binding strip down 2 inches so that there would be part of the collar above where it ties.  This is what I created.

 This is my final piece put together.  Of course on my final dress the pin-tucks and the side pieces will be on both sides of the dress.

What do you think?


  1. Looks great, can't wait to see it finished! :) X


  2. i am pretty excited to see it finished :D