Saturday, 7 May 2011

My Denim Playsuit

After college on Thursday I was looking through my storage boxes and came across some old patterns that I bought last summer before I started college. I found a pattern for a jumpsuit and a pattern for a dress. I decided that I was going to finally make these using the knowledge that I have gained throughout my year at college. I decided to try the playsuit first.

When I opened the packet this is what I was faced with, two sheets of pattern pieces and two sheets of instructions.
This is what I created, I feel that It has worked out well but if I was to make it again so that it is wearable I would make it from a cotton fabric so that it lies better and has more movement.

This is one of the pockets, I am pleased that I was able to insert a pocket as I haven't done a pocket like this before I have only put one on a shirt.
Also I haven't inserted elastic before so I was glad that I was able to insert two lots of elastic one at the top and one at the waist. I found this part the hardest as the gathering wouldn't spread evenly.