Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My Toile - Pin-Tucks

Another lesson continuing with my toile for my dress which will be in the end of year fashion show.  Today I have been applying my main design feature to the main body of the dress, this is the pin-tucks.  To create these I had to create a long piece of fabric by sewing sections of calico together.  When I had made this piece  of fabric I had to create pin-tucks starting at the bottom, measuring them to make sure that they were even; but I only had to do this up to the hip as the next part will have to be fitted to the curves of the body.  When creating the piece of fabric I only cut it 33cm wide which was just big enough to reach from seam to seam, so when creating my pattern I will have to add seam allowance.

This is what it looked like,

Pin-tucks starting at the bottom,
 What the pin-tucks look like from the front,
 If I was just to pull the equal pin-tucks to fit the body's curves It would make the pin-tucks lie awkward and unflattering (as shown below) on the body so this is why I have to fit them individually,
 This is how far I have gotten with the pin-tucks today and it shows how much better they look when fitted to the body's shape,
 The fabric will have to be cut down when all the pin-tucks are inserted so that it fits the shape of the dress,
 As it is a toile I only have to apply it to one side but in my final design it will be on both,
 These pictures show the way that I have fitted the pin-ticks to the curves of the body.  I think that they look neat and effective which makes the extra effort worth it for the better effect.



  1. ughhh i remember those, so metictulous. very very very nice work!

  2. So nice that you are so young and you study fashion design.great blog too dear!i am following u,follow back if u like.

  3. WOW fabulous! I love creativity :)

  4. This is amazing! I can't wait to see the final product.